NYC diary

I came back from NY few days ago ; where I spent almost 20days. Happiness is the word to describe this trip. One of my favorite cities around the world + fashion week = PURE HAPPINESS. Here is a photo diary from the time I spent there. Hope you like them. Have a great week you all ;) Best sushi I've ...

Glitter shoes

The main piece of this outfit is this jacket, that is my latest design.. I instantly fell in love with the color of the fabric. The rest of the outfit is simple but take a look at these shoes! I like everything that has glitter on and that's the reason that I love those shoes so much. I bought them ...


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For a weekend away from the city you need something simple but chic. This sweater is one of the latests purchases that I made. Love the color and it's fluffy and warm. Perfect combination for me . As for the cold weather, boots and a very warm jacket completed my look.


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Valentine's Day is close enough there is no better way to express your love to your boyfriend than the lingerie. And ladies we want to make you feel even sexier . Two valentine girls will win one pair of underwear each for this special day. The first one is black lace with dots and the number of the bra ...