Cromia AW ’12..

If you are a regular reader of this blog; you have already seen Cromia before. Sweet Zoe and Aliki of Act and React gathered fashion crowd to present us Autumn Winter 2012 Cromia’s collection. Cromia's main characteristics are actually timeless pieces and great quality leather combined with affordable prices. Two more collections coming up next so stay tuned ;)

White shorts..

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You have no idea how much I need vacation right now. Last week of exam period and then lots of vacation plans; can't wait. Photos of this post were taken during a short getaway. White shorts and t-shirt combined with fuchsia shoes and purse seemed to be just right for early drinks. PS. 2 days left to enter our giveaway in ...

Yellow dress..

Weekends away from Athens are amazing. Last Saturday before dinner we had a walk at the beach and we took photos of this outfit. I chose a yellow dress and blue accessories (at the photos you can  only see my bag). Can't wait for exam period to be over and then summer here I come! P.S. 6 days left for our ...

The Jumpsuit..

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Well Well Well! Look who decided to be extremely hot these days during exam period. Our lovely weather here in Greece! I blame weather because it's unbelievably hard to concentrate. Grrrr... I hope torture is over soon and long tanning sessions along with cocktails will replace studying and studying. Considering my outfit now; you may have noticed that I'm into ...