AFW – Dimitri Zafiriou

Today Athens Fashion Week is officially over! Many shows, countless photos, memorable people, interesting outfits. One of the shows we attended today was Dimitri Zafiriou collection for Fall/Winter 2011-12, named “Le Dinner Surrealist” which was a reference to the surrealist movement and the artists who expressed it.  The 20’s were the major inspiration of this collection. The geometry of Art Deco, the transparencies that create the illusion of bare body reflecting images of Man Ray and the glow of handmade embroideries reminding heroines of Anais Nin’s novels, characterize the collection. 

Black and white, dark blue, silk satin and velvet, silk georgette and tulle, wool and knitted fabrics, precious feathers, emphasize the drama of the era, creating the image of eternal femme fatale.

Overall extract: Really loved the drama of this collection plus the femininity, sexuality and mystery. Bravo!

                                                                Shoes by Kalogirou

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