Calvin Klein Underwear Event

Hello guys! How was your day today? We actually had some university duties and then we were invited to the CK one Underwear and Swimwear presentation , which was amazing by the way! Vivid and energetic colors to its full extend from panties to bras. You should absolutely girls and boys (there is a man line as well – sporty or sexy – it’s up to you! )  check this collection because there are so many different designs and colors that we can assure you won’t be disappointed! As the summer approaches too, we can’t stop thinking of buying new swimwear. CK one swimwear is on the list! Check the full collection below and let us know what you think..


CK one eau de toilette


For more click here

Available at: Calvin Klein Underwear Store (Marousi), Hondos Center, Attica, Orange Stores

                                                      Special thanks to sweet Zoe               


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