Summer –> “coming soon”

by 24

Hello lovely reades :-) How are you? Weather yesterday was amazing here in Athens and that makes us of thinking just one thing.. summer of course!

In this post we wanted to show you some ideas about outfits that you can wear in different places during spring and summer! Put some colors on girls!!

As you can see we chose colors like brown, beige and grey for the main outfit but the rest accesories like jewels, shoes and jacket are in vivid colors! Wedges and platforms are extremly suitable for any morning appearance!

A coctail or a floral  dress is the ideal choice for a coffee it the city! Put some color on your dress or bag but keep it simple at your shoes or accessories.

Let’s get loud and let’s dance! So, during night..put some glamour on your outfit! We suggest pastel colors on the main outfit and sparkling things or vivid colors on accessories..

Hope we helped with some extra inspiration! If you want to ask anything do not hesitate to contact us :)

Have fun!!


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