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Hello readers! It’s been a while since our last post but things are going crazy with the University and the preparation of the exam period. The only thing that we can think about is the beach and summer vacation! So we made a post with some necessary accessories that you have to take with you at the beach.

At many stores you can find big bags extremely handly for your vacation and specially for beach. You can put all of your stuff in and still be stylish :)

Beach bag Tommy Hilfiger
Beach bag Victoria Secret

After the bag you have to take your swim suit. It depends on your choice. We usually choose swim suits according the quality and we prefer colors that we mix and match them. This is very funny because you can wear a different swim suit every single day. Make sure that you know the type of your body and you choose the proper swim suit.

swim suit Victoria Secret

Next stop! A stylish girl is stylish all day. Wear a dress or  denim shorts with a simple T-shirt. You can wear accessories like head bands, rings, bracelets, earrings or a big braid hat to make your outfit more elegant and fashionable.

Beach dress Tommy Hilfiger
Braid hat

We can’t stand seeing people at the beach with sneakers or ballerinas. Come on! It’s the beach. Wear flip flops or sandals.

Flip flops Abercrombie & Fitch

And the beach towel…

Beach towel D&G

SOS!!! Don’t forget your sunglasses and your tanning lotion! Make sure that before you go at the beach you put some tanning lotion both face and body on. It’s  the most important thing to protect your skin from the sun.

Sunglasses Prada
Tanning oil Hawaiian Tropic

Not that necessary but it’s good to have in your bag a MINI beauty case with your powder, your blush or terracotta, your lip balm (not a lip gloss) and your mascara to refresh your make up after the swimming. If the sun burns you take with you an after sun lotion with Aloe Vera. It’s sure it relieves you :)

After sun gel with Aloe Vera Hawaiin Tropic

Hope we helped you a lot. If you have any question contact us @ [email protected]

  • Alicia
    June 2, 2011

    Those are some great items to take to the beach! I love the bikini, hat & sunglasses very much! Good luck with your exams!!

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  • Shirley
    June 4, 2011

    love the sunglasses!


  • The Cat Hag
    June 4, 2011

    Best of luck for your exams!! :)

    The Cat Hag

  • Anonymous
    June 6, 2011

    koritsia bravo!!poli kali douleia…teleio to magio sto thema..to latrepsa!!!an mporeite deite k to diko m blog….sinexiste etsi!!!



  • The vintageous
    June 7, 2011

    Thank u for your comment girls! Come and see the new post ;) Love from buenos aires


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