Versace for H&M / press day..

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Rise and shine people! Yesterday I (Vasia) had the amazing opportunity to attend the event Versace for H&M. We were kindly invited to see the collection and buy some of the pieces we like before officially hit the stores. We’ve talked to you about this upcoming collaboration several times before and we never hide how anticipated we were about it. I reached the new store of H&M in Ermou Street around 18.00 and doors opened approximately at 18.30. You just can’t imagine the rush around clothes! Everyone wanted everything (Can’t be a lady in situations like this!) After a long marathon of getting what I wanted I left the store happy and having refreshed my closet with some Vercase for H&M pieces which you will see us wearing in following posts.

Besides the rush, the event was amazingly organized by sweet Mariza Petrekou (you can see a photo of us below) who we are specially thank. A true party, with Lydia Papaioannou on decks (there is also a photo below), for a memorable collaboration!

xxx, Vasia

Lydia Papaioannou on the decks

Me with Mariza Petrakou

The outfit I chose for the event..


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