Abu Dhabi baby!

10 days full of shopping, relaxation, walking around in strange yet magnificent places, lots of sun, sunbathing and Formula 1! :) . That’s how I spent my days at Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It was the second time I visited one of my favorite cities – Dubai – and nothing was the same. I really love every single place in this city which is full of sun and breathtaking buildings.

These photos were taken at Abu Dhabi (more photos of the city in upcoming post) in which I spent a day in order to watch Formula 1. It’s all about the vibe and the sound of racing cars; can’t imagine unless you hear it ;) Apart from the huge racetrack at Abu Dhabi there is an amazing mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. To enter the Mosque your full body has to be covered that’s why I’m wearing hijab.

Many many photos on the way. Stay tuned!





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