Lucky pig ;)

All it takes sometimes; besides love for your work is a lucky pig; and I had the chance to meet Marilena Georgakopoulou to confirm. Merilena is a sweetheart, full of love for her work and has a lucky pig to accompany her in every step of her way. Lucky pig is brand’s name and of course it couldn’t miss Marilena’s presentation at Ekali club on Monday; in every form from cupcake to pillow. What amazes more is that every piece of the collection is unique and the idea of the whole collection is not actually harmony but mostly necessity; necessity for what a woman can possible needs for winter. Instant love attack the white fur jacket you’ll see me in below.

Find out more about Lucky pig here.

P.S. I heard there is a smashing giveaway on Fashion has it.. this week :p Have you entered yet? 

Love at first sight













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