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Luckily weather was warm enough yesterday and I had the chance to wear my favorite American Vintage pullover and my cherry skirt. As mentioned in previous posts I’m not a huge fan of hats but I tried on this H&M hat few weeks ago and I instantly fall in love with it. Miracles happen after all! All of you that follow or updates on Facebook already know that we made a lucky charm with Ma Li Ya and that’s a great deal for us! We are extremely happy that we had the chance to cooperate with one of our favorite designers and we created a snowflake lucky charm necklace for 2013; you can see me wearing it in the photos below. Hope you like it because we simply adore it! If you wish to get it for you or as a gift contact us at [email protected] :) Have a great week!

          Pullover and skirt American Vintage | bag MCM | hat and shoes H&M | ring Blanco | necklace lucky charm 2013 MaLiYa x Fashion has it.. order at [email protected]

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  • eleni
    December 17, 2012

    plekto , daxtulidi, tsanta 1-0!!!!! <3

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