AXDW Mercedes-Benz – The make up

This week was full of different events and one of them was the make- up rehersal for the upcoming Mercedes – Benz Athens Xclusive Designers Week. AXDW will take place from 29 March to 1 April. Anticipation is part of the game for AXDW every season but Vasia was lucky enough to attend the make up rehersal of Aslanis and Celebrity Skin. The make up for Aslanis show is princess like, with silver eye shadow and red lips. On the other hand Celebrity Skin is more mysterious and wild with nude make up and lips, different make up on the neck and smokey eyes. Hope you like them. Stay tuned for the AXDW fever!


Celebrity Skin 

With Dimitris Strepkos, one of the designers of Celebrity Skin duo


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