China diary – Shanghai 1

It was the first time travelling to China and I have to admit that I’m truly excited. China is a unique place with many centuries of history. Magical places, temples that reveal the bad and the good; the yin and the yang, sad faces and so many familiar people. I’ve been there for 15 days, I traveled 8 times by planes and I saw 7 different places. Αn experience that I will never forget.
So, first stop was Shanghai. In Shanghai of the 21st century which is described as the New York of East. Trees, temples, many people, the ultimate beauty of China. We left early in the morning to visit Suzhou, the city of water, rice and silk or the Venice of Asia as called by Marco Polo. Suzhou is very famous for the gardens that are tiny masterpieces of beuty. In every mansion there was a little garden to honor the Chinese culture.
After our visit at the garden we visited a classical chinese pagoda, the pagoda of the ” White Tiger”. Pagodas are a traditional part of Chinese architecture and the were costructed for religious use.
Enjoy the first part of Shanghai!

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