Top workout secret: Believe in you

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Changing your life habits takes actually a lot of nerve. Choosing salad instead of french fries (not to mention chocolate - oooh chocolate) is a tough call. Who doesn't love french fries?! But growing up makes you realize that several choices are not that good for your health and body. Being ballerinas for quite a long time; we taught our body ...

Casual chic kinda girl

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Every girl loves the sporty chic look, right? I mean there are times you just wish to wear your jeans and sneakers and head out. Wearing something comfortable and chic in the same time; make you feel cozy and happy. An occasion like this one, was definitely the weekend, when I wore an office-like pants, camel coat and my favorite ...

Boost your run

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A few days ago Adidas organized an extraordinary event dedicated to boost running shoes. Τhe innovation of Adidas boost is that changes running for ever. It gives you endless energy cause of the ideal design , perfect fit and balance. It's super light and flexible and you definitely need to run with it. Boost your weekend people. 

Fashion Room Service – Adidas

A new week just started fashion lovers.. On Saturday the Fashion Room Service took place at Y hotel in Kifisia and I had the chance to see the Adidas originals and the Adidas original by Jeremy Scott SS 2013 collections. The Adidas originals Core collection is an inspiration from the past as the Adidas heritage srikes again. Highlight of the ...