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Tom Ford’s comeback to womenswear after six years ­is fashion meganews, not that he’s been sharing it with just anyone. The newly elusive former idol and inciter of the sexed-­up Gucci-­YSL nineties is doing things differently this time. He objects to the way the Internet eats up fashion images before the clothes can be bought. He despises sections of the press. Private and formal are terms he favors now. And he’d rather people didn’t “Tom” him anymore. At 49, he lets it be known he prefers “Mr. Ford.”

Ford pictured here with model Stella Tennant. Paillette jacket, sheer silk blouse, silk-georgette skirt, jewelry, and clutch; Tom Ford boutiques.

“The seventies is what I love. Soft, touchable beauty is what I love,” says Ford. 

From left: Leopard-print suit, plunge-neck blouse, shredded silk-organza shrug, silk wrap dress, suede trench, fringed silk dress, leopard-print sheath, back-tied silk dress, tuxedo jacket, trousers, and all jewelry and hats; Tom Ford boutiques.

“It’s about individuality,” says Tom Ford,  “That’s why I put my own muses in the show—I hear them say, ‘I can’t find that anywhere!’ ”

Pictured with model Karen Elson, wearing looks from his spring collection.

                                  An exclusive look at Tom Ford’s Spring 2011 collection.

By Sarah Mower | photographed by Steven Meisel 
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                                                              (via Vogue)

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