Garnier event..

It’s a great pleasure when we got invited by Garnier to discover all the new products from the summer collection. At a cozy place full of positive energy and many fashionistas. Garnier has presented to us three of her new products and her new bottle for shampoos. 
First of all we have the new BB cream miracle skin perfector; which is the amazing BB cream we got familiar with few months ago, only for oily skin this time. Also we tried Ambre solaire with SPF 10, 20, 30 Golden protect; from the moment you apply it you get a bronze skin and last but not least we have the new hand cream in different perfumes to choose what’s best for you. 
A pleasant surprise was also the appearance of the new face of Garnier, Mary Sinatsaki, who’s all the three things Garnier is representing, fresh, fun and interactive.
Stay tuned for more ;)


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