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It came as a surprise when we got invited to attend an event organized by NETROBE. We had already downloaded this app few months ago to our iPhones but we had no idea that behind this app was a Greek beautiful woman! The invitation suggested as a dress code our iPhones or iPads and we went at the meeting place full of anxiety. Christina Plakopita is the founder of NETROBE. If you haven’t already downloaded this app (you must definitely give it a try ASAP!) let us tell you that its main idea is an online closet; not any closet but yours in precise. You can take photos from all of your clothes, bags and accessories and create online different looks! Unfortunately for the moment is only available for iPhones but Christina assured us that her and her team are trying to create the app for Android too, among with few changes and additions. We have already created an account as fashionhasit and we are excited to see what’s next! Give it a try and let us know what you think about NETROBE. Because NETROBE is the easiest way to manage your clothes.. ;)

Christina explaining the app

Girls playing with NETROBE

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