Maybe it’s Maybelline..

Since we received lots of questions considering our make-up; we decide to dedicate a post to show you how to make Smokey eyes with 5 simple steps and trust us you will be amazed be the result; plus you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the whole package yours. All products used are by Maybelline and their new line FIT me.

Step 1: Apply make-up according to your skin tone all over the face. It’s really important to find the right shade; not to pale not to dark (if it’s hard for you to decide ask to be assisted)

Step 2: Don’t neglect to apply concealer around your eyes and make sure that concealer’s shade is one or two tones brighter than your make-up so you can have a natural bright look

Step 3: Makeup powder is necessary to keep your make-up steady and your face oily free

4: Smokey time! Maybelline has a “secret weapon” for smokey eyes. It’s a pencil in 5 shades. And let us tell you that! It’s so damn easy to apply it on! Just pick the color you wish and let the magic happen!


Step 5: Last but not least mascara! Mascara is the grand finale for ultimate smokey eyes! Colossal is the thing for you ;)

P.S. Ladies check their prices…


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